Sega could do anything in the early 1990s, such was the dominance of the Mega Drive. It was, dear children, a bit like the PlayStation2 of its day. Everyone knew its name, everyone wanted one, even the Game Gear was a bit cool like PSP and its TV adverts were stylish and much talked about. But sometimes power goes to your head…

Sega's SICK Viz ad campaign

…leading to the series of adverts that ran in Viz. Viz is a comic book for grown ups (students) full of the sort of sick, gutter humour we simply cannot stand. Sega went so far as to create its own special ads to fit in with the Viz style.

Dominik Diamond did it better

They’re not what traditionalists would call “funny”, and even in 1992 the idea of “waggling a joystick” being a bit like having a wank was a very old joke. Besides, the Mega Drive pad had a little d-pad not a THROBBING SHAFT so it’s not even based on reality.

Would never get past the suits in marketing these days

Sega doesn’t piss in the snow, it pisses in the *wind*.

Mr Logic was best

Nowadays it’s all viral marketing web sites. How we miss proper adverts with prices on. Thanks so SEGA SCOUT “No. 7″ for the images, which appear to be scans.