Keep seeing this mentioned on the internet, but assumed it was just a joke about the depths Ubisoft might foreseeably plumb in one possible future. But wouldn’t feature a product listing page for a joke thing, would it?

imagine journalist

In our case, we’re holding out for post-recession sequel “Remember When You Used To Be A Journalist?”


- Make yourself a great career as a journalist

- Start as a columnist for a local newspaper and end up as an international reporter, heading your own TV show

- Get your own press pass

- Have fun with the full range of journalists’ accessories: notepad, handheld recorder, mic, camera

- Catch your first scoops by bike and end up travelling in style by helicopter!

- Discover the exciting parts of a magazine journalist’s job

- Go out in the field to interview the locals, but also stars, politicians and athletes

- Attend press conferences and stand out amongst other journalists

- Take the best pictures to illustrate your articles

- Organise magazine covers

- Report great news on TV

- As a TV news presenter deliver the right information at the right time

- Record celebrity interviews

- Release radio programmes on air

- Develop your investigative skills

- Become the one who reveals the top news stories!

- Challenge yourself to deliver exclusive scoops

- Explore places for interview and picture opportunities

- Play with your environment as a background for the photoshoot minigame


- Go “freelance” and enjoy the benefits of beard-growing and not having to ever see other people

- Be owed thousands of pounds you probably won’t ever see

- Drink so much free alcohol your insides still hurt even after three years of not touching a drop

- Get insulted every time someone gets sent something and you don’t

- Start as a columnist for a local newspaper and end up as a depressed blogger

- Talk to women, but only because they have to because it’s their job

- Watch your carefully-cultured internet persona disintegrate the first time you meet other industry employees

- Wonder how people so obviously useless get paid three times as much to do less work

- Lie to yourself about products being better than they are on a daily basis

- Develop your plagiarism skills

- Meet people so horrible you fantasise about fighting them and actually killing them

- Never quite be important enough to have the final say on anything