Ronnie Jax: Good afternoon, sir. How can I help you?
Ronnie Zorg: I want a couple of bee-atches.
Ronnie Jax: I beg your pardon?
Ronnie Zorg: Bee-atches. I want a couple of bee-atches.
Ronnie Jax: Well I think you've got the wrong place! You think this is some sort of... of... brothel?
Ronnie Zorg: Well, nah, I just want...
Ronnie Jax: I know, I know! Bee-atches! Filthy, dirty, hip hop SLUTS! You won't find them here!
Ronnie Zorg: No, I want bee-atches!
Ronnie Jax: I've never been so insulted! You think that I would be able to provide LOOSE WOMEN for sexual purposes? What, you think I have some PROSTITUES hidden under the counter that will shake their bottoms in your face for a dollar bill?
Ronnie Zorg: No, no, bee-atches.
Ronnie Jax: ...
Ronnie Zorg: Hatches for bees!

It wouldn't have worked with Cheryl Tweedy

Ronnie Jax: There, two bee hatches.
Ronnie Zorg: Oh, thanks.
Ronnie Jax: Can I get you anything else?
Ronnie Zorg: Yes... do you have any Christmas crack-whores?
Ronnie Jax: GET OUT.

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