Captain Jax: You know we spoke about my promotion?
Commander Zorg: Er... did we?
Captain Jax: Yes.
Commander Zorg: When?
Captain Jax: A few weeks ago... and a few weeks before that.
Commander Zorg: Um...
Captain Jax: You said you'd put in a good word with the Admiral.
Commander Zorg: Ah, yyyyyeessssss, I...
Captain Jax: What did he say?
Commander Zorg: Erm... look, quick, Ensign Teela's bending over and you can see right down her top!
Captain Jax: Where, where... I don't see her. Zorg? Zorg? Did anyone see where Zorg went?

Right, you have Cheryl then. We've still got the other four. Hrmph

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