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This advert makes being a "games tester" sound really cool...

...but the reality of being a games tester is this:

  • The games testers sit in a Portakabin several hundred yards away from the main office.
  • The Portakabin is naturally quite cramped.
  • It will smell quite bad.
  • You will be playing games that crash every five minutes and then take five minutes to load again.
  • You will play each level several thousand times.
  • You'll be playing a level that isn't even finished yet, so any bugs you report will change into new ones when the next build arrives, heightening the sense of futility you will be feeling.
  • You don't get invited to the launch parties.
  • You'll be lucky to even get a boxed copy of the game.
  • The lovely PR ladies (myth #1) won't ever have sex with you (myth #2).
  • This is probably for EA, so you'll be doing FIFA Street 2 :( - Play games all day long!! - South East
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