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This is an Arm Holdings promotional photograph, because Arm Holdings did some of the technical stuff inside GBA. They made some of the "silicon chips" that make the graphics work, sources close to Arm Holdings have exclusively confirmed to us today.

This photo might also be taken from the cover of a book entitled 'How To Lure Children Back To Your House So You Can Have Sex With Them' but suggesting that would be super-libellous and against the law, even on the internet.

Awesome staring eyes, tangible sense of menace. We spend ages practising this look in the mirror, but for some people it's a natural gift. Click on the picture to download it as a convenient 1024x768 desktop image. We're confident there has never been a better promotional photograph than this.

She's off out dogging with Neil.
Blogger primaleyes said...
*lol* I'm laughing my brain out!

What a sinister double-act!
Blogger REMiX said...

Is that GT3?
Thats one of my favorite games of all time.

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