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And we thought this was a VERY BAD IDEA, until we read to the bit about it only being plastic poo. That's probably OK and not against any laws. Especially in Spain. Good on you, crazy Europeans. Here's how it works:
Sponsor a Poo and send it (with a personal note) to Sony
By El Alcalde de Tomelloso and Cubitorah

Are we men or mice?

Are you tired of abuse?

Gamerah is, and we have decided to do something about it. We are going to show Sony that in Europe there is no humiliation without response. We are going to show them that we are not an unimportant third-rate market. A pound of flesh.

Delays, higher prices, sloppy translations, harassment of import stores, and, even worse, cheekiness. What does Gamerah say to all this? Gamerah says: NO! And the way we propose to let the evildoers at Sony know is very simple: by sponsoring plastic poos which we will send to Sony's higher echelons in Spain in one or many boxes.

Imagine: you are angry with Sony since the delay, or since they cancelled your order at play-asia, or even since the death of Dreamcast, like some resentful Sega fans in our staff. Anyway: your patience has run out. What can you do? Very simple.

1. Send us an email to Include your nickname and your comment/complaint to Sony (one line). Just one grievance per poo, although you can send as many poos as you like.

2. We will reply to you with a bank account number and an identification number.

3. Transfer 4 euro and include the identification number on the transfer's subject. This way we will know it is you.

4. We will attach your message to one of the fake excrements and put it, along with your nickname, in the box we will send to Sony's Spanish headquarters. Of course, we will also include a petition asking them to forward the poos to their bosses in Japan.

Some examples of what you might write:

Tonio87: For the HDMi cable.
Pacotazo: For killing Lik-Sang.
Pepoto: For having no typographical criteria.

Here is an example of what they will look like. Imagine Phil Harrison's face! Hohoho!

Spanish shit storm

The rubber band is provisional.

Just remember: no direct insults or death threats. Be subtle, as in our examples. We know you can do it.

Gamerah are the people who made the fake Horoshi Yamauchi interview a while back, so they'll probably go through with it as well.


Blogger BrownClaw said...
But Sony will just repackage them and sell them for a huge loss on each poo.

And then a year later in Europe. Ho ho ho.
Blogger jawa said...
cant we make it so the poos overheat and burn down Sony HQ?
Blogger dw2k6 said...
oh comeon, the least they could do is send them a real log.
Blogger Branch-me-do said...
Why don't they just, you know, not buy Sony stuff any more? You can't hate someone but desperately want their stuff at the same time... unless they're your wife or your dealer.
Blogger asiancat said...
The apoocalypse is coming!
Blogger harukiya said...
Because if we only stop buying Sony products, the wouldn't know why.

This is only a funny way of saying them that European gamers are being treated like poo.
Blogger Radical Ed said...
Hi Haru!
Hi English people!

"That's probably OK and not against any laws. Especially in Spain."

Yeah! In Spain we allow everything. We even let you drink till your british brain goes out through your own mouth just because you let money in the country.

Have a nice day.
Blogger CmdrKrool said...
Gamerah ha ha ur Spanish, and my parents are and I hate them etc, ha ha, etc.

Does this comment post? Check, etc. It's so hard to sign(not n, but h) up for a blogger(not blogger, but google account, etc) account, did I get it right? I don't know. Back to the point.

'Fuck' you Gmaherarh, etc (I quoted the swear word, does that help? Does that reduce the abusiveness to make it acceptable? Or rather, does that /disguise/ the abusiveness to the relevant parties? Because, I still want to abuse. FUCK YOU. FUCKING CUNTS.

Spanish, anyway.

I forgot now. I will post again if (fi) I remember. Bye. (.[@lt;dotHTMLFUCKOFFBLOGGERWFTWHATAMI
Blogger CmdrKrool said...
OK, I've read the UKR post now, again, but this time taken it in half properly. (Last time was, um 1/11th properly, probably.) So, good for you I guess, though I'd have respected you even more if it'd have been real excleration (ie. 'poo'). But I respect you already (as in, note the word 'even' earlier. I hate you but equally I'm not going to raise a fuss over it (Get it?. GOOD [2nd bracket - it's a weakness of mine]). Now. FUCK YOU. CUNT. CUNT. Uh. Uh? ICICIICIIII? Cunt. Pls. WTF, WTA, WTF, RQH, JRI and all the other TLAs u fucker.

In the end, should I post this 'poison'ous bollocks? I'm changing e-mail addresses soon, so what/ever/, etc. What/ever/. ?. I bet this marks me. What/ever/ - what/ever/....

OED, help me. I'm being attacked. I'm being attacked already, by imagined responses in my own mind. No-one e-mail me, thx, I'm already persecuted (preted I typed that in CAPITALS) enough, thx.
Blogger romablog said...
don't do acid before posting on blogs.
Blogger jawa said...
For fucks sake. I hope that was harder to type than to read. What a load of rambling bollocks.
Blogger phorenzik said...
I tried to read it several times. EVERY single time I attempted it mine eyes packed-up.
Blogger asiancat said...
Good news, everyone! Kotaku have already stolen your update!
Blogger melton mowbray said...
How did they get the rubber band onto that poo? There's some crazy Escher shit going on there.

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