This is a game called Get Bass for the Dreamcast. It was released to us Westerners under the painfully generic title of Sega Bass Fishing (and it was fittingly ported to the PC as a budget title under that name). Quite simply, it is in our opinion that Get Bass/Sega Bass Fishing is the GREATEST game on the Dreamcast, despite its buggy nature which you’ll be aware of if you’ve played it. The game is an EMOTIONAL THRILL RIDE, and perhaps we’ll elaborate with a series of posts about how great it is when the Sega Superstars Tennis nonsense dies down. And we are using the Japanese title because we like the Japanese title more. We respect a game title that instantly tells you the goal of the game before you’ve even hit start.

We always feel so rebellious when we see the For Japan Only text

We know you’re probably on the edge of your seat with anticipation about the game, so here we’ve gone to the trouble of plugging in the scanner and getting an image of the back of the jewel case. Click on it to make it bigger. Go on. See anything special?

To answer your question: no, we are currently single

Why, it’s a bit of English text! And this bit of English text could be interpreted as some sort of slang for a sex act involving the PENIS. But don’t worry, you can let the kids play this one, especially how it’s just been released on Wii as a budget title, which we excitedly bought, played for a few minutes, and then decided the Dreamcast version was still better despite how it FUCKING crashes on you RIGHT BEFORE THE SAVE SCREEN after a tournament and how there’s WAY too much slowdown to be excusable.

Oh yes- go play Sega Bass Fishing and leave loads of comments about how great it is and how we were right AGAIN about a certain game being fantastic. Go on, we’ll wait. Come on, just torrent it or something, you lazy bastards.