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Upon pressing start, SEGA Superstars Tennis prompts you to create a save file – then warns you about not interrupting the save process. The game saves “on the fly” as you play, removing any lingering worries about having not saved recently – freeing you to concentrate on the game in hand!

SEGA Superstars Tennis auto-save EXPOSED

Don’t worry – we will attempt interrupting the save process just to see what happens. Perhaps it unlocks a super-secret character!

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EXCLUSIVE! Here’s what happens when you put the SEGA Superstars Tennis disc into an Xbox 360 and prepare to play the game:

SEGA Superstars Startup EXCLUSIVE

First of all, there’s the SEGA logo. It looks sharp and vibrant on that black background!

SEGA Superstars Startup EXCLUSIVE

Then there’s the logo for developer Sumo Digital! If Sumo Digital’s involved, we know we’re in for a Triple-A thrill ride!

SEGA Superstars Startup EXCLUSIVE

Then there’s the logo for Criware! If Criware’s involved, we know we’re in for a game built on a fully stable middleware environment!

SEGA Superstars Startup EXCLUSIVE

Then there’s a logo for the game itself. Thank god they’re not just re-using old Sonic Adventure artwork. This is totally custom – clearly the budget for this production was BLOCKBUSTING.

SEGA Superstars Startup EXCLUSIVE

Then you get to watch the intro movie! The intro movie tells you to “press start” to skip it, although it’s such a great intro movie we doubt you’ll want to! In fact, we can’t EVER imagine a time when we would want to skip this intro movie. It’s THAT GOOD!

SEGA Superstars Startup EXCLUSIVE

Then, once you press start, up comes the proper in-game press start screen with its glorious blue sky background. Come back tomorrow to see what happens AFTER this subsequent start request…

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