Dan Bull, who did that song about games we did a thing about a while ago, and who may be a #1 in the charts at this very moment thanks to an aggressive internet marketing campaign for all we know about modern music, has recorded a Dreamcast verse for that ‘Generation Gaming‘ rap of his.

And he used the lyrics we wrote. You should’ve said, Dan, and we’d have put a bit more effort into making them rhyme and made it the same length as the other verses so it fitted in better.

Here’s Dan doing our Dreamcast verse.

Thanks, Dan! We’re off to Facebook to become a fan of Dan Bull WITHOUT even having to be asked. How do you like THAT, Richard?

If the embedded player doesn’t work or if you want to have a copy of it for when the embedded player inevitably stops working for no apparent reason, the file’s here. We are assuming we are allowed to do this seeing as we’re co-writers on this.

We’re going to pitch a few songs for Kylie’s next album. Even if she says no they might get picked up by Sophie Ellis-Bextor.