Back-on-the-telly-again comedy quiz show Shooting Stars disrespected the SEGA Saturn in a recent episode by associating it with Nintendo’s Wii, for the purposes of making a JOKE about gaming. Or rather, they made THE joke about video gaming. The one about Wii being a bit like wee.

Very poor, Vic. Very poor.


“While watching Shooting Stars the other night I noticed that during the admittedly unfunny ‘Wii Toilet’ sketch, the mock-up for the console used a picture of a first model Sega Saturn artificially turned white (it was not a true white ‘Flash Saturn’). The control pad ports, Sega logo, start, reset and eject buttons appear to have been the victim of a Photoshopping too.


“They also edited the Wii remotes but I don’t care about that. Please God let me be the first to have submitted this. Please God” – Police Constable London.