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It’s only a prototype. The actual retail version will probably end up with rickets, fat arms, club feet and a spack face.

Should a 31 year old even be contemplating its purchase?

Shamelessly stolen from a site that has regular updates: The Sonic Stadium

If nothing else, it should stop Weatherbox from whinging?

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To celebrate Sonic’s 20th birthday, and to keep with the tradition of ruining anything Sonic-related, Sega have decided to betray his roots entirely, by having him endorse a rival’s product.

Only available in America, off MadCatz’s (quite poor) site

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It’s a lovely ice sculpture that seems to be modelled on the good old original Sonic, and not the cheeky little shit that appeared from 1998 onwards

That’s it. It was a very lazy update.

Here’s a picture that I wasn’t going to use because it wasn’t very good, but desperate times……..

Not sure if it’s Sonic or Amy. Either way, it’s better than I could do, but rubbish when compared to the ice sculpture.

Let’s all pretend that we like each other and post our own Sega-based snow creations in the comments!

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A man that calls himself Eyspire and has plenty of time on his hands did this:

That’s it. Feel free to commend/mock his talent in the comments section

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This is way better than Dreamcast pants!

Look! FUCKING MASSIVE it is! Unless the car is really small

Ebay is great. It gives people like me the opportunity to do a really quick update with minimal effort.

The seller wants a thousand dollars for it, or 500 quid in proper money. The greedy fucker.

Auction here

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