How? How do people get jobs where all their ideas, no matter how stupid, get made? As dumb as the dreams you zap in and out of during your 14th hour of restless sleep on a Sunday morning, the Venom Interactive Action Arena is set to do for interactive gaming what the Sega Activator did a decade ago — ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

See how the grinning youth is fighting a Westernised, early 1990s Sega of America box art character. That’s what Lau would’ve looked like in Virtua Fighter: The Cartoon. They’ve put two ‘i’s in “fightiing” and the rings behind the game character are presumably there to symboilise how he’s “come to life”. Even more amusingly, this costs 60 quid to buy. Hypothetically.

At least it isn’t by Sega and only for Gamecube.