Rich is currently working on the soundtrack to Sega’s action adventure sequel Headhunter: Redemption, so all this week we’d like to help Rich out by suggesting some lyrics he could use in the songs — hopefully it isn’t too late!

HEADHUNTER LYRICS #1: Headhunter’s Theme

Going undercover in the still of the night!
Rocking with my lover in the thrill of the fight!

Feeling like a tiger as I sneak through the dark!
Senses getting higher as I’m making my mark!

We’ll save the world!
Rockin’ boy and girl!

Weapon at the ready as I blast through the door!
Trigger holdin’ steady as you all hit the floor!

Sneakin’ like a spy I’ve got you all in my sights!
I swat you like a fly and disappear in the night!

We’re your destiny!
Help the world break free!

Head-Hunters YEAH!
NO REDEMPTION! We’ll track you down!

Head-Hunters YEAH!
NO REDEMPTION! You’d better leave this town…