Christ. It turns out DoA was a precise and realistic representation of the SICK PERV SHAME of real-life beach volleyball, as these images of the Athens 2004 Olympic Beach Volleyball event testify.

If any girlfriends of ours tried to go to the beach dressed like that we’d probably go mental on them with coathangers, claw hammers and acid so no-one would ever look at them again.

We’ve created some wallpapers of the amazing arses for those of you who can get them past girlfriends/IT departments. Enjoy.

Our favourite by miles. (1024 x 768, 123k)

Assorted v-ball ass desktops. All joint second favourites. Even the Chinese one.

Normally we like to protect our image sources, but in this instance feel we must share our findings for the good of others with nothing to do on Sunday than rhythmically tap their genitals into the underside of PC desks.

Pace yourselves, though — these are only the photos from DAY ONE.