IDEA: Rate My ‘Rate My’ site
CONCEPT: A rating site that invites viewers to rate different rating sites.
WHY NOT: Would require extensive html/Photoshop work.

IDEA: Ronseal Publishing
CONCEPT: Game boxes in a Ronseal “does what it says” style.
WHY NOT: This must’ve been done before. If not with games, then at least with music — Ronseal Recordings; “Rubbish garage beat with some idiot teenager rapping over the top”?

IDEA: GNI reviews
CONCEPT: An IGN-style review of something extremely mundane, spread over 14 pages of excruciatingly detailed and long-winded prose. Like IGN. That’s the joke.
WHY NOT: We’d have to write the 14 pages.

IDEA: Blatant racism
CONCEPT: We use this photo of some black teenagers on stage at Game Stars, and say that “Dancing Black People” was the show’s most popular exhibit.
WHY NOT: This isn’t the 1930s. Could lead to possible PR nightmare.