Sega Superstars — We are sorry about that
Back in April or so we sort of inferred that Sega Superstars and EyeToy was responsible for making all games rubbish, and would somehow bring about the End Times of video games.


Having played Sega Superstars for ages we’re happy to put the record straight and highlight how, like, totally ace it is, mainly because you can BE NiGHTS (the world’s first metrosexual?) and there’s all-new material from Ulala.

Sega sent us this. It’s fo’ real. You might like to make yourself momentarily really happy by putting your hand over the top/middle bit and imagining it’s from a 99% complete beta version of Dreamcast NiGHTS that’s just leaked onto Bittorrent.

Sega Superstars/EyeToy NiGHTS in full, astonishing, hands-in-the-air effect. Fat developer blushes saved by Photoshop-inserted girl (top).

Look at how much fun she’s having! It’s clearly the best thing she’s ever experienced, ever! It’s like she’s on a rollercoaster, only it’s a chocolate rollercoaster that she gets to eat on her own afterwards with no one looking or keeping track of how much she’s eating. If boring old girls like Sega Superstars that much, imagine how much you’ll like it!