Joytech has cracked it. Here’s the simple formula that turns the embarrassment wheel of shame into the sort of aspirational lifestyle product we’d like to wear around our necks on a pretty little chain at society parties:

1. Get steering wheel.
2. Get woman.
3. Tell woman photo shoot is for “lifestyle product” (DON’T MENTION IT’S FOR A STEERING WHEEL).
4. Take photos of woman and steering wheel separately (DON’T LET WOMAN SEE STEERING WHEEL).
5. Combine woman and wheel in Photoshop some days later, creating the impression that woman likes wheel and doesn’t mind being photographed alongside wheel.
6. Tell woman the negatives got lost in post and that’s why you can’t send her any prints.

She’s not looking at the wheel. She’s not holding the wheel. She thinks this was an advert for Bacardi Breezers. She has been lied to and feels empty. Welcome to our world.