So far, we’ve identified an incredible FOUR different levels that yesterday’s Yuji Naka/Manics update works on. It really amazes us sometimes just how much like The Onion we are! These are the levels:

LEVEL 1: It’s a satire on the western media’s puzzling obsession with everything Famitsu ever says, even if it’s something obviously stupid.

LEVEL 2: It’s a satire on the generally banal contents of Japanese games magazines.

LEVEL 3: It’s a satire on the way Japanese developers always namecheck British bands as their ‘influences’ for soundtracks.

LEVEL 4: It’s a stupid and straightforward joke about Yuji Naka having odd musical tastes for a Japanese man.

See? It’s clever, which means it can get away without being funny — like Rory Bremner. If you’ve identified any additional levels the update below successfully operates on, please email them in.