We went to see SEGA on Friday. We took lots of photos of the trip, so memories of the special day would stay with us for ever. Come with us on a beautiful journey. A journey to… SEGA Europe!

These are the clothes we’re going to wear to see SEGA tomorrow.

Is it time to get up yet? No. Bollocks! Must try to get some sleep. Go faster, time. Go faster!

Today’s the day! Hurry up, toaster! We’re off to see SEGA and mustn’t be late.

Six minutes until the train arrives to take us on our beautiful journey!

These other travellers look miserable. That’s because they aren’t going to see SEGA! If you could see our face you’d see a BIG SMILE!

This is the ticket machine at the underground station nearest SEGA. Just think, Yuji Naka may have pressed these buttons! We wonder if he got confused because every button doesn’t do the same thing like they do in his games?

Leaving the station! Are we out of breath because of all the steps, or because we’re excited?!

There’s a petrol station just down the road. Just think, Yuji Naka may have stopped here on a visit and bought some buffet pork pies and Monster Much for his lunch! Perhaps he bought a crazy English magazine, too, and got confused about which weird English coins to pay for it with!

We’re about to turn onto the road that SEGA’s office is on!

This is the road SEGA’s office is on!

We’re a bit nearer to SEGA!

And a bit nearer!

There it is! That’s SEGA’s office! You can just make out the logo on that grey building in the middle. At this point we were still excited about going to SEGA, but at the same time quite sad that we seemed to have been walking for AGES and it still looked really far away. Perhaps that is what the old TV adverts meant about getting to SEGA taking AGES?

It turns out that SEGA’s office is along what is essentially a motorway. Walking down motorways, even to see SEGA, is never fun. We console ourselves by thinking that Yuji Naka may have walked along this very motorway, only realising some time later that he probably would’ve taken a taxi.

We’re a bit nearer.

The office is a bit closer now, but still looks quite far away.

A bit further down the motorway. It’s a cold day and we wished we’d splashed out the six pounds a taxi would’ve been, like Yuji Naka may have done.

We really are nearly there now. It’s just down there on the left. Sadly there were lots of people standing outside the building smoking cigarettes, and there was no way we were going to take photos of the office while people were looking. We wouldn’t want SEGA to think we were weird.

We can’t tell you yet. Let’s just say it was a long-awaited update to a BIG NAME franchise that we played for an hour on Xbox and really liked.