Games TV shows are rubbish. At least they were in 1985. In a fit of panic over the mass-closing of Bittorrent sites, we hurriedly went to ‘God’s Video’ UKNova to download everything that we haven’t already downloaded yet. There was an episode of Micro Direct from 1985, which we wholeheartedly recommend you get. Because this is what happens in it:

A man in an amazing jumper welcomes us all to the future of computing (and the past of clothes, hair and glasses).

‘Word processing’ is explained by a panel of four guests.

The sad news that the home computer boom is over breaks. This is why we remember the nation mourning briefly in 1985.

A look at the special effects of ‘The Last Starfighter’, which was done on computers and therefore better than anything else.

A very serious discussion between two grown-ups about the merits of educational software on the Commodore 64.

Lesley Judd demonstrates a portable telephone system the size of a briefcase (while sitting in a Sinclair C5 electric trike). “No cables attached at all!” she says, as we laugh at this shortsighted vision of the future. When WE were in 1985, we could EASILY imagine a future where everyone had credit card-sized personal communication devices — and we were only 12.

A woman is violently patronised by two men for not knowing enough about computers. She probably cried for days after this. You should download yourself a copy of Micro Direct, it’ll make you grateful for Iain Lee.


Top of the pops Christmas 1986 edition, featuring Falco, the Pet Shop Boys, Europe and MORE!

The Hitman and Her! Which we used to video and watch the next day.

The Office US remake, which made us laugh as many times as the UK original (no times).

Hollyoaks (assorted).

Loads of programmmes about Peter Cook.

Come back soon for a “re-watching old episodes of GamesMaster” Bittorrent special!