“GameHand has been specifically designed to reduce and/or eliminate slippage on controllers and blisters from aggressive play, so that you can experience maximum results in your game controller usage.”

And yes, he is called Zac

“…and THAT is why we hate American kids”


NEW CITY, NY — June 9, 2005 — Zac Bandremer, a video game player for many years, had a problem. So did most of his friends, and presumably millions of other players around the world, as well. During intense video game play, hands would begin to slip on the smooth plastic controllers of their games, thereby affecting a player’s success, and ruining their fun. So Zac, along with his dad Scott, decided to do something about it. After experimenting with various materials, Zac and his dad have hit the bullseye.

“I take my video games seriously. I think most players do. With my dad’s help, we’ve come up with a radical looking glove that’s made with a super sticky palm that grips the controller like nothing else, and it looks really, really cool, too! All of my friends use it.”

With a worldwide potential market of tens of millions of people, and a price of under $20 a pair, Zac has big plans for the GameHand glove. GameHand currently is offered in three color combinations (black and red, black and blue, and black and neon yellow), is made from stretchable nylon/lycra which offers a one-size-fits-all perfect second-skin fit for all size hands, has exposed fingertips for maximum sensory experience, and even comes with a built-in sweatband and an easy in-easy out Velcro enclosure. The sticky palm and fingers are produced through a specialized embossed silicone process, with devastating effects.

Zac and his dad are now busy marketing GameHand to stores and distributors where video games are sold, as well as on their web site, www.GameHandGlove.com. Zac’s even writing a GameHand newsletter each month, as well as providing ZacChat for video game players to meet and talk about the latest in video game play. Zac is now being scheduled for interviews with all media outlets, as his is a classic story of young American entrepreneurial spirit at its best. As long as he gets his homework done, of course!

“I know I’m a kid and all, but my goal is to get this glove into the hands of players everywhere, and make this the biggest thing. That would be very cool. I’m really proud I helped invent the GameHand. You gotta love the glove! “


Who is Zac, and what exactly is his role with GameHand?
Zac, currently a 14 year old in ninth grade, has been a serious video game player for many years. He was the inspiration for the development of GameHand, and along with his dad, helped to come up with the most cutting edge accessory on the videogame market, which anyone, of any age, can use. Zac is the official spokesman for GameHand products, and is involved with all television, radio, print and online interviews. More questions for Zac? Just send them to

How will GameHand help me when using my video game controllers?
GameHand has been specifically designed to reduce and/or eliminate slippage on controllers and blisters from aggressive play, so that you can experience maximum results in your game controller usage.

What special grip features does GameHand have on the gloves?
The palm and fingers of GameHand are uniquely encoded with our tested and perfected embossed silicone process, providing you with the confidence to grip any controller with ease and no-slip assurance.

What is the rest of the glove made of?
The remainder of the GameHand glove is constructed from nylon/lycra, an ultra-lightweight, stretchable, moisture absorbing material that conforms faithfully to the contours of the hand in a comfortable, second-skin manner, and provides a true hand-like feel while protecting the hand from abrasions.

Why are the fingertips exposed when wearing the glove?
This provides a maximum sensory experience for the fingertips, as well as allowing your hand to breathe within the glove. This means the GameHand can be worn for hours at a time, and does not stiffen if it gets wet or sweaty.

Why is there a Velcro enclosure and sweatband?
The Velcro opening allows easy in – easy out of the glove. And the sweatband? Well, we all know that serious players can get a bit sweaty while playing their games, so this allows one to wipe their brow with ease. And GameHand is easy to periodically clean right in the wash.

Why One Size Fits All?
GameHand has been especially developed with super stretchable nylon/lycra that enables players of all ages with various size hands to fit easily into the gloves, with a perfect fit everytime. Remember, the fit should be like a second skin, clinging to your hand firmly.