London, June 13

Joytech, the UK’s leading peripherals manufacturer, is proud to announce the launch of the XBOX FIRE EXTINGUISHER (TM), a must for any safety-conscious video gamer.

“Don’t run the risk of your Xbox catching on fire and leaving you out in the street in only some old pants while all your memories burn thanks to your Xbox, get the Joytech XBOX FIRE EXTINGUISHER (TM) for when the inevitable happens” no one from Joytech ever said because this is obviously just a rubbish joke.


  • Range of fun and funky clip-on nozzles.
  • Foam spray for safe electrical fire dampening.
  • 50 litre capacity.
  • Vibrating handle puts you at the heart of the fire like no other extinguisher.
  • Seemed more funny than this before it was written and made

    Don’t get killed by a burning Xbox. Joytech.