Although, compared to, say, attempted murder or dealing heroin, it is really. Here’s another thing we’ve just stolen out of today’s Sun newspaper, an advert for anti-piracy web site which — as you’ll see below — has gone slightly mad in its attempt to say that piracy is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

Getting a copy of Episode III for £2 is a lot less worse than, say, cutting off a prostitute's tits

We don’t buy pirate DVDs at work, we buy soup that costs one pound from Bene Bene across the road and occasionally a sandwich that’s 2.75 from Pret a Manger. If the afternoon’s really dragging we might go out to get a Double Decker or a Twix. These are all victimless transactions.

Here’s a picture of Jonathan Ross on a bike thing, telling us the quite ludicrous fact that “People traffickers force immigrants to sell pirate DVDs on the streets”. There are loads more stupid pictures like this here.

This has got the fingerprints of ELSPA's Roger Bennett all over it

This photo opportunity is not a victimless crime. The victim here is poor JONATHAN ROSS.