No, no it really wouldn’t.

If you’ve bought a Gizmondo, then you obviously have a blinding and insurmoutable need to show the world that you have a bit of money and no regard for your eternal soul. But what do you do when you need to show the world that you have access to a Windows fonts folder and no regard for other people’s eyes? That’s right, you make Gizmondo fan art.

Oooh, fists. Not touching that.

Thanks very much to mister “Pixel” for the above image, who also submitted a further fifteen to THIS INSPIRATIONAL SITE. After that they seem to stop naming individual contributors, for some reason.

See? Even in an age where a solid gaming machine like DS and a funky “Lifestyle” toy like PSP occupy the same market, these people love Gizmondo as much as we love Sega. Is this what we look like to other people?