This is a real game, not a Photoshop joke. It is therefore funnier than a Photoshop joke, because lots of serious businessmen are having to pretend this is a really great game that they genuinely like and think is going to “really catch on”.

It’s Freddie Flintoff Blast ‘Em Cricket and it’s out to buy through your Vodafone mobile on Friday, so it’s unlikely there’s enough time for them to make it (a) any better or (b) spelt right:

“Congratulation”? This is proof that even the people MAKING mobile phone games don’t care about them.

We suspect this was developed in two weeks by a Taiwanese outsourcing company that usually specialises in creating DVD menu screens.

Tim Yates, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone UK commented, “The Freddie Flintoff Blast ‘Em Cricket game is yet another area in which Vodafone, through its sponsorship of the England Cricket Team, is adding to the cricket experience for the fans. We have already launched video highlights of all England’s home internationals this summer, including the Ashes, exclusively available on Vodafone live! with 3G. This new Java game compliments the existing sports content available on Vodafone live! and positions Vodafone as the mobile communications provider for sports and entertainment followers around the world.”

Pete Russell, Managing Director of Player One, commented; “Player One is extremely excited to be launching this fun and addictive title that will appeal to both cricket and non-cricket fans alike. Freddie Flintoff is a true international sporting legend and will contribute greatly in England’s bid to win The Ashes this summer. With an amazing line up of fixtures this summer, cricket will be the focus of this season’s sporting calendar and we expect this title to be extremely popular.”

The entire mobile phone gaming industry needs to take a three-month unpaid sabbatical to think about what it wants to do with itself, because it really isn’t working out very well at the moment.