Make it look like you care about something other than yourself, dinner and having sex via the medium of plastic!

Friday 15th July 2005… The Entertainment Software Charity (ESC), the computer and video games industry’s official charity, has announced details of its latest fundraising initiative, the launch of four ESC Gamers wristbands, giving the UK’s gamers a chance to express their passion and raise money for young people’s charities.

A must have for all gamers from eight to eighty, the wristbands are inexpensive, make a statement, are socially responsible and help to raise funds for a variety of important charities. More than a mere fashion statement; the ESC wristbands can really make a difference.

ESC CEO Mark Strachan commented: “The ESC wristbands will be the must have item of the late summer and autumn. Many major charitable causes have adopted this method of fundraising. The wristbands give people the opportunity to make a statement and show their support and we are sure that gamers will be wearing their bands with pride.”

Thanks, but we’ll stick with the Handkerchief System of signalling that we like it (a) rough, (b) with no strings, and preferably (c) with a girl who weighs less than we do.