…still, at least things aren’t about to get worse, eh? Eh? Are they? Eh?

Ha ha! Do you see what we did there? We FOOLED you with the MAGIC of Photoshop! It’s all just a big joke. EVERYTHING is going to be okay, and there isn’t really a Mario Dance Dance Revolution game coming out this week at all! Is there? *nudge* Is there? *vicious jab* IS there? *sets down a pile of fireworks and douses it with petrol* IS THERE? *sits on it an lights match*

We’re going to video game heaven! Join us. Come on, it’ll be great. The Metroid bloke’s already up there, and everyone else is in their fifties or older. We can save a seat for them, and then when they die and come to join us they’ll be our special friends forever! And Richard Jacques.

(Note: At time of reading this, Rich may or may not be actually dead depending on whether we get the four thirty connecting train at Chelmsford. Don’t worry about phoning to warn him, he’ll understand that we love him and just want to set him free.)