Sorry, not sex shows. That’s our imagination running wild again. Rich is doing some live MUSIC shows, playing orchestral arrangements of Sonic and highlights from his critically acclaimed Headhunter soundtrack, as part of the Video Games Live concert tour.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY TO US BECAUSE HE LOVES US MORE THAN ANY OTHER WEB SITE OR PEOPLE, Rich said “I had some Headhunter music played, plus I arranged and orchestrated a suite featuring the music from Sonic the Hedgehog, and put together a Classic Arcade Medley featuring everything from Pong, Tetris, Outrun, Rastan, Donkey Kong etc”.


If we’d been there watching this our heads would’ve EXPLODED with joy at Richard Jacques doing the music off Sonic, live. Seriously. They’d still be wiping the brain (and semen) off the seats and probably even the roof.

Crikey, Richard Jacques AND Yuji Naka standing next to each other! This sort of thing shouldn’t be allowed, in case some sort of freak accident (meteorite, explosion, spurned gay serial killer rampage) happens and they both get killed and destroy most of what’s left of what’s good about the games industry.

Look! Elijah Wood is pointing at Richard, because he knows Richard is the more famous and best person! The weasly little shit. He’s not making us jealous. We don’t care. WANKER.

Find out more about Video Games Live here. HINT: Read the forum. There’s a very attractive female organiser you might like to get obsessed about (it’s safe because she lives in America, so when she says she’d rather just be good friends you can reply saying “yes, that’s what I was thinking too, actually, despite what I wrote in that really long email this morning. Long-distance relationships never work”).