THE STORY: After years in disguise creating brilliant subversive comedy, Chris finds that a world who was barely consciously aware of him in the first place has completely forgotten him. He thus enters a fantasy world where he is still hailed as a dark and surreal genius which makes him unable to perform even the most basic domestic chores – WITH CRAZY RESULTS!

Note: Once every episode, Charlie Brooker shows up and delivers his hilarious catchphrase.

THIS WEEK’S EPISODE: Aaa, Mmn’ Foo Voof Can I Have A Packet Of Asprin Please

CHEMIST: Can I help you, sir?
CHRIS: Have you got any Cuprisod?
CHRIS: Cuprisod or Vagiblast. The wife’s got a bad dose of the exploding twats.
CHEMIST: Oh god, not you again.
CHRIS: What about a four and a half inch bumcrank?

(In the backgroud Stephen Fry approches the shop, looks in through the window, thinks better of it and walks on.)

CHRIS: Bumcranks and Vagiblast. Please help me.
CHEMIST: Sir, please go away or I’m going to have to call the police again.
CHARLIE: (Popping up suddently behind the counter with the camera zooming in on him) CUNT!