He’s… selling an Atkins Diet application for the 3 Mobile phone network. At least it’s a better idea than 3DO.

Using Atkins2Go, 3’s customers will be able to look up the carbohydrate values in various foods on their mobile phone, log foods eaten along and track their carbohydrate intake and weight loss over time. Already popular in the United States, Atkins2Go is the first application of its kind developed specifically for the over 20 million people worldwide who embrace the Atkins Nutritional Approach(tm) and are looking for quick and easy mobile applications to support their lifestyles

Trip Hawkins, Chief Executive and Founder of Digital Chocolate said: “Atkins2Go brings more freedom and convenience to mobile users who are conscious of their carb intake as part of a healthy lifestyle. We’re excited that 3 shares our commitment to creating the most easy-to-use, fun applications for today’s mobile lifestyle.”

He made a rubbish company that made some rubbish games.

3 – Company site – Digital Chocolate and 3 bring Atkins2Go(tm) to mobile in European first