Turns out star PSP game Lumines was designed ON PURPOSE to make us like it and feel happy:

‘Lumines has “call & response” that lets users feel music with not only ears but eyes and a body. Thus, we could make a game that satisfies physiological feelings such as “feel good” and “fun”.’

That explains why playing Lumines makes us feel as happy as that time the doctor put us on a combination of Prozac and Zoloft after we had that month when we couldn’t get out of bed for crying constantly!

Those strange, unusual feelings we’ve been having — they are “fun” and “feeling good” as experienced by our eyes and body! Now we know what fun feels like. We must try to feel it more. If you would like to assist us in the experiencing of “fun” — or know where fun can be had — please get in touch. We can be fun buddies.

Full Q&A with Lumines producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi here. It’s a bit plain-looking because we stole it off the internet somewhere and don’t have a non-Blogger page template, but is an entertaining read if you’re also newly obsessed about Lumines.