And he’s taken some photos with a digital camera it looks like he got out of a Christmas cracker to prove it.

Hi chaps,

Just in case you weren’t crazy enough to buy a CDi, like myself, and therefore couldn’t take a photo of Philips’ unique CDi control pad, I went to the liberty of taking one myself and emailing it to you.

Apologies for the poor quality. [APOLOGY ENTIRELY NECESSARY]

Still, now you can create, oooh, I’d say a good 387 different visual joke gags about how Nintendo’s new pad looks exactly like Philips’ old pad. And to think, people thought Nintendo and Philips broke up in the 90s, how wrong they were!

I hope this is of some help, I spent a good 5 minutes charging my camera to send this pic.

Micheal Colardale

PS: The flap at the bottom of the pad can be opened to reveal all the CDi buttons, which actually makes it look even MORE like Nintendo’s Revolution pad. Do you want me to send another photo showing this? [WE DIDN’T REPLY BUT HE SENT IT ANYWAY, 16 MINUTES LATER]

Here’s an image of the CDi pad “open”.

Closed (left) and open. Not really very much the same as the Nintendo Revolution controller thing, but thanks for writing in anyway, Michael! you have no idea how grateful we are for the little distraction of getting an email. Each “bing” is like a ray of sunshine that temporarily lifts the Shadows from our soul and makes us put the knife down!

Despite being quite old, we remember virtually nothing about the Philips CDi. This is because when it came out we instinctively knew there was no need to remember anything about it because it was clearly doomed. This freed up valuable brain space for remembering early 1990s pop lyrics instead, such as all the words to ‘Insanity’ by Oceanic and ‘Naked in the Rain’ by Blue Pearl.


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