Here comes a joke! The joke is we upload a screenshot of a crap PSP game, suggesting it “downgrades” PSP by simply being rubbish. As in, it “downgrades” the perceived value of the console, rather than the operating system.

It’s a topical joke that wouldn’t be out of place on a video game-themed edition of Have I Got News For You? presented, perhaps, by Dominik Diamond and airing exclusively on Bravo very very late at night. We’d be one of those guests you’d think would be funny, but then sits there and never says anything and only features in cut-away shots smiling and nodding when Paul Merton says something good (that we thought of as well and were just about to say, hence the nodding).

We chose Space Invaders “Evolution” to illustrate downgrading a PSP. It is the kind of game you get for free when buying a bargain bundle from Toys R Us or Woolworths, is out in November and has, amazingly, been made into 3D now that technology has progressed enough to properly realise the Space Invaders dream.