All very exciting, even though Sega’s new Lindbergh arcade machine sounds like something you could pick up from PC World for 399 quid.

A new machine thing from Sega! Imagine how easy it’s going to be to emulate these games in a few years time, seeing as they’re already running on a P4 PC! This is absolutely nothing like the spec of Xbox 360, so it isn’t based on Xbox 360 like lots of people guessed just because HotD4 comes in widescreen. Oops.

House of the Dead 4. We’d still prefer a new Virtua Cop, but let’s not start being all negative about it already before it’s even out.

Obviously Virtua Tennis 3 has been in development for several years, since back when Henman used to be good. Having Tim Henman still in the game is like having Geoff Hurst in FIFA still. No, wait, it’s like FIFA having Paul Ince or Peter Shilton in it, or someone else half-decent who never actually won anything important.

New Afterburner. We can take or leave this. 3D flying games have been the same since whenever it was Sega invented them, so, you know, shinier planes. Wow.

Psy Phi, some sort of game from Yu Suzuki. We don’t know what type at all, and all Babelfish can come up with is “In addition, the operation impression of utilizing the function only of touch panel until now proposes the place tile which is not e.g., it puts out special attack by the fact that the figure is drawn on the picture and divides” and “Lindbergh’s function was pulled out, description of the shooting which is beautiful expression and force like the fireworks which glitter to the night sky became possible” — which would appear to hint that it uses a touch-screen.

As long as Sarah Bryant still has those only five moves we know, we’ll be happy!

We’re now going to start calling Dreamcast “Hindenburg” in honour of its fiery death that killed off a great line of awesome machines.

The only game that’s NOT featured here from Sega’s E3 behind-the-scenes-and-subsequently-leaked-all-over-the-internet showreel is the new Sonic The Hedgehog game. We’re prepared to bet our plush Ulala (mint, with tag) on it being announced for Xbox 360 in around a week at the Tokyo Game Show.