Not having to deal with MSN Messenger users who change their handle every six hours to some new string of gibberish that sounds like a witty turn of phrase from an early They Might Be Giants or Mogwai album. This is what happens when we try to talk to people NOT EVEN IN REAL LIFE:

PROPER BO: Heya, mate!
US: Who are you?
PROPER BO: It’s me, Rob!
US: I thought you were Dancing Gay Hitler.
PROPER BO: No, that was last week. I changed my name from Kiss A Llama On The Llama because I was sick of being called Kill Bill Gates vol.2, remember?

Let’s get back to having one name per account. It’s already at the point where you need an e-newsletter to keep track of just five people. Soon we’ll be too frightened to ask people even the most basic social questions like “ASL” in case they turn out to be our mum.