They were “outside Hamleys toy store on Friday, no idea why” according to reader Tom, who spotted two of our top five all-time celebrity icons together in the street.

Tom must have a pretty shit-hot mobile phone too, seeing as he sent us this image at a resolution of 1152×854 and it’s very clear. If you click on the photo it will magically go to that size, thanks to our advanced web coding skills:

Judging by the photographic evidence, our AMAZING JOURNALISTIC SKILLS tell us this was probably a SEGA game launch, probably for Sonic Gems which has just come out over here, because Sonic’s there. We don’t know why a Monkey Ball character is there. And Judging by that shit fleece Rolf’s wearing (WE HATE FLEECES), it looks like he’s “off duty” and was caught up in the SEGA event unexpectedly. Also, Sonic does not appear to be injured, so they’re not filming for Rolf’s Animal hospital.