This is .hack – some of you may already have seen it. It’s an offline RPG about a pretend online RPG being taken over by hackers that pretends to be an online RPG by having buckets of independent characters mailing you all the time to say “OMFG DUDE WTF!?”

Then there’s the .hack anime, which is a cartoon where characters are meant to be real people playing a real version of a pretend RPG that pretends to be real in the real world, and watching it confers privileges in the game itself.

Get ready to put another three or four of your NGJ hats on, though, because HACK IS GOING ONLINE FOR REAL. Not only will the pretend but real game about a pretend game pretending to be really online be really online, but if you have a PC you can link it up to your PlayStation’s USB port and play as a hacker – really pretend hacking the pretend real online pretend game that is now really online with you hacking it only in pretend.

The sad thing is that it actually sounds like really good fun, but we’ll never get to play it because A) Our heads just exploded just trying to categorise it, and B) Will Wright will have already put a contract out on the life of the game’s creator for stealing his crown of “World’s Most Postmodern Man.”