…which is presumably why they scored it lower than the original, despite it being BETTER BY MILES.

14/f/calif wanna meet up IRL?

You’re not just limited to drawing patterns on clothes and stuff any more, you know! Now you can cover the whole village in your textures. You can chop down the trees, install a football pitch and put all the animals in the strips of your favourite team. OR! Make brightly coloured chequered textures, and make the whole place look like a level from Sonic The Hedgehog.

Imagine that! Your own personal Green Hill Zone, populated by flickies who live there and want to be your friend and give your presents. And it’s snowing. It started snowing yesterday because it’s Christmas. Christmas in happy pretend land.

And all that’s BEFORE you’ve even connected it to the internet to find people to come and visit your village and be your friend! Then you can go to the new all-night piano bar and drink loads of coffee and stay up REALLY LATE. It’s cheered us up so much that we actually bumped into two people on the way to work today because we were looking at the sky and cheerfully muttering and humming to ourselves.

Animal Crossing Wild World — It’s going-back-to-work-after-lunchtime-completely-sober-TASTIC!