Certain “industry” people often suggest pirated games can damage your games console and can contain secret hidden porn that’ll turn your children into sex monsters.

This is a lie! A UKR spokesman (us) said (here and now) “most pirated games do work, usually are the full thing and a copied game has NEVER damaged any games machine we’ve ever owned”. We then went on to add “We’ve never found any secret porn *SAD SMILEY FACE* and it’s all just a big lie to scare parents into paying 50 quid for games in the run-up to Christmas”.

These sick lies about piracy MUST STOP.


  • Not pirating games is COSTING YOU MONEY.
  • Pirated games usually do work.
  • You don’t fund terrorism by downloading games yourself through, say, Bittorrent, via, say, Torrentspy.com, then burning them to DVD with, say, DVD Decrypter set in, say, Write Mode.
  • At worst piracy only funds the bloke you bought it off, who will spend the money on a new graphics card or more blank DVDs.
  • If pirated games are rubbish, it doesn’t really matter!
  • The reason non-pirated games are so expensive is because everyone’s a GREEDY CAPITALIST PIG who wants a better car – and YOU’RE PAYING FOR IT.
  • Widespread piracy among the poor means they have more money to spend on alcohol and cigarettes, shaving up to 10 years from their life expectancy — saving the taxpayer money in the long run.
  • Buying pirate games from market stalls helps keep Britain’s dying markets alive, helping us hold on to our national identity in these ever changing times.
  • If piracy is so bad, how come companies are allowed to make DVD writers and sell blank DVDs?
  • Making the 50 Cent game available for free will greatly affect its profitability, thus making the prospect of a sequel less likely.
  • Downloading games yourself funds things like paying your Council Tax, which is a good thing!
  • The only victims of piracy are shops that think it’s OK to charge 50 quid for a new game (Tesco, Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360).
  • If you have any more “good things about piracy” please post them in the Comments bit (you have to be registered to post, which is a vain attempt to stop people posting porn, gay porn, Nazi porn and gay Nazi porn at the bottom of every article).