WEBMASTER COMMENTARY: “Something we got sent. The problem with doing updates with stuff you get emailed is you don’t know where the person sending you got it from. If he’s just stolen the images off Engadget, then we’ll look all shit and amateur. If you’re going to email us stuff for use in updates, always say where you got it from, and preferably send us something you’ve ‘done yourself’.”


This is some kind of weird kit that some UNSTABLE LUNATIC has made to make Master System controllers work on Sony’s beautifully hackable PSP.

Oh, and there’s also a Dreamcast VMU emulator for PSP here [LINK HAS DIED SINCE UPDATE WAS WRITTEN], made by some GERMAN men that have just catapulted themselves into the internet’s Top Ten list of Hardcorest Ultra Geeks by making it. Sega fans don’t ever die, they just start existing in a really weird bubble on the internet where Sega still RULEZ.