WEBMASTER COMMENTARY: “Someone complained about that old retro-gaming thing we did. He was a madman. We wound him up for a bit, but soon got bored. This is what happened.”




I was surfing the net looking for something,
when somehow , someway, I got the link
to your retor gameing bashing page..


You seriously suck ass.. you either have severe
mental defects in your brain..or just a
whiney punk… or you could be both..

I am 34 years old..and I started my gameing..
carrer a long time ago..

the first comptuter game I ever played was
ghostbusters.on the commnodore 64..

I am a huge modern game fan..I have a playstation
2…just bough revenge of the sith..fat game.. I own
about 50 playstation 2 games..and Have a really
fat modern pc..with a nivdia card.. was just playing
awhile ago prince of persia 2 warrior within..

Sure the playstation 2 has super grahics..
and super this and super that..but 95% of
the time..when I beat a playstation 2 game..
I NEVER play it again..I usually keep the
game though, cause I am a collector.and I can’t
see trading something in..and getting 10$ for
it when u paid 60$ for it when IT came out..

as for my older games..that I collect on my
various emulator the older the game..the more
I can play again and again..versuse the ps2..
one time play only.

the comments you made on your web site
uk internationl are just ignorant and dumb..

All Modern things owe a debt to the past..
modern games.. know they owe a debt to
the past..what are u fuking blind..
Grand theft auto..vice city..had a commodre 64
boot screen..to pay hompage to that great machine

the sid chip devolped on the c-64 was considered
one the biggest breakthrough..for sound
technolgoy on the computer..

All things new owe a debt to the past..
Soundgarden, Alice in Chains.., PUddle of Mud
all those new bands..owe a debt to Black Sabbath..
Led Zeppelin, rolling stones and other bands that
pionnered that type of sound in the 60’s and 70’s..
and the artist of that period.owe a debt
to orginal blues recording of Robert johnson
and others..in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Your Theory that only new stuff is good
is stupid and has no logic..you must
a very assholey like personallity..I can tell
just by reading your comments on your web page..

All modern martials artist..owe a debt to the
styles of fighting that have developed over
1,000 years..

I see you are big fan of fighting games..but
have no concept of what martials arts
is all about..it’s about respect
(for the past), and present, discpline..and harmony
wtih your chi..

I can tell by your comments that you have
a reallly low weak chi level..especially in
the brain department..

well probably none of what I said..is going
to change your mind, or the way u think.
most jerks..are just jerks..and will always be

-Retro Gamer..


I figured you were young..

just from the comments on your web site..

umm.. from the way you talk.. you are
from england??

what does innit, mad and blood mean??

I mean besides blood being the red blood
in your body..

No, not all the graphics..were green..

that was on the apple IIe..

I didn’t own an apple, I had commodore 64…

ever play grand theft auto vice city??
that boot up screen in the begining is a commodore
64 boot screen..from way back in the day..

well I am currently living in massachusetts, usa
live in a small town 30 miles south of boston.

I’m 34, I do non linear video editing, on the
web site design, and custom computer graphics,

Hey I learned a lot of my computer skills on
those old..machines..and have served me well..
I make anywhere from 50 – 125$ an hour..

I picked up most of my comptuer skills on
the amiga.. I have a killer non linear editor
run on one of those old machiens you are
bashing…here’ s a pic of my Old school
editor workstation..I still use it this day for work
adn some fun stuff.

Don’t get me wrong I am not super rich..

I just don’t work very much for my money,
leaves me lots of spare time..to pursue my
hobbies..retro gameing, martial arts.. and
bikeing..(mountain..not motorocycle..),chess,
and new games..revenge of sith for ps2
is off the hook defeintlay worth the 50$, waiting for
resident evil 4..damnnit.they only released it on the
game cube..but a playstation 2 port is coming by
the end of the year..


hey this will crack you up..

I can remeber when the internet was text!!!!
no graphics…

umm you were like not born yet..

well tell me a litlte bit about yourself..
if you want too..

take it easy..

sorry I went so postal on you in that
first e-mail..postal is an american
term for going like spaz.. but your
web site..really is un cool..



Your not getting the point..

the people who made grand theft auto vice
city put a commodore 64 load screen on
the begining of the game to pay homage
to that great old machine…Do u have a vice
city??? or played it..it has a brief blue screen..
in the beging..that rockstar put in there
on purpose..these are people that make
your brand new spanky graphcis..games
obivously they know that they owe everyting
that they are doing today, becasue of the
advancment of older technology in the past
20 years..the c-64 is one of the machines
that u blatantly bash on your website..

I bet a lot of programmers at rockstar must
at one time started there coding on c-64’s..

With the new emulators today..the old games
load 1500% to 2000% faster..what used
to take 5 minutes to load when I was 10 years
old now loads..in 5 seconds..

They also even look a little better.than
they did back then..becasue the computer
monitors of today..are of higher resoultion
than they were back then..

The younger generation of today..just don’t
have any patience or respect..
obivsouly from the comments on your
website.. I mean some of it is not your
fault..you were just born in the generation
of super fast computers..and ps2 and xbox
and such..and those are you expectations..

When I was growing up.. My 1st computer
didn’t even have a disk drive or a hard drive..
The first setup I had was a tape deck..data
drive.. I had to put the cassette in hit play
and 60 minutes later the program wouldd
be loaded into the computer..

I love new games..and am really good at them..
I would love to play you in Tekken 4..and pound
the bejesus out of you..just to show you a thing
or two..

I just don’t understand your hatred of old games..
it’s just..i don’t know..mind boggling and

I mean..do u think the same thing..
of a 1972 corvette sting ray??

Yeah new games are better looking..
but with all that fancy graphics..and sound
something has been really lost in the translation
of developing of games..

You know , now a days..there is a big push..
of modern programmers who are making
games in the old school style..like they used
to be made..just to bring back the genere..

but I still state 95% of my playstatin 2 games
Once I beat them once, that’s it I don’t play it
again..I put it on the shelf.. Old games. U can
play those over and over again..

You just grew up in a diffeernet world
then the one my generatrion grew up..

Your just not getting the point..everyting
in the future owes a debt to the past..
this applies to many many things..

Martial arts.. moderen game technology..


p.s. u never answerd my question on
what does innit? blood and mad mean??

are u from englad? is the UK england??

must been napping during my world history


There has been no further contact.