WEBMASTER COMMENTARY: “An all-round poor effort. Come back in five minutes and we’ll upload a better one from our ‘Saved As Draft’ list of stuff too rubbish to use properly.”



Infinitely bored?

Then spend the rest of your life in front of a computer (we’re way ahead of you on this one, so far in fact that we’ll probably never be caught) playing an “infinite number” of Sudoku number puzzles.

Sudoku is a game that’s about as much fun as installing updated drivers for your scanner, then realising you downloaded the wrong driver pack and have to reinstall your old ones again from a floppy disc you’ve got somewhere but aren’t sure exactly where. And now it goes on for INFINITE TIME. Imagine that. No, DON’T. Think about something else, quick, otherwise you’ll get scared and won’t be able to sleep, like when you were small and thought about what happens when you die and then got scared and had an asthma attack.