Just after midnight on the second of December Microsoft set off a sort of big indoor firework, played the Xbox 360 “Jump In” advert and got a DJ to play “Jump” by Van Halen. We’re not commenting on that, not even ironically or satirically, just reporting the bare bones facts of what happened.

Here are the only photos we took that came out OK:

Shock use of green light

The room was big and dark with men in it.

Man easily excited by a firework

Then it got lighter. Someone’s excited!

A cold and long empty road

Then as has become sadly customary, we got lost going home.

At least we didn't get mugged for the camera

These bottom two are the main road we walked home down after falling asleep on the bus and getting lost in Woolwich. Proportionally speaking, the main road bit was the biggest part of the night and the least fun.