We can’t compete with this kind of thing any more, not since realising the futility of collecting things you’ll throw away the next time you move house, or sell for a bit less than they cost.

Here’s Simon’s amazing piles of stuff and his email about it all:


Just to let you know that I have the best collection of anyone that reads your site. These pictures are saved on my site so you can just click them to see them proper. Also before my head gets so big it explodes, I have new things that are not pictured. These are: Sega Action chair, Twin Dreamcast Arcade sticks and about 40 more games!

Just thought I would do this to piss people off! Well I’m off to play The New Zealand Story on my coin-op. BYE!

Simon S,


He knows a lot about games, but is MASSIVELY NAIVE when it comes to carpet and furniture.

His house must smell like a mouldy instruction manual.

All those games @ 40 pounds each originally = *SAD FACE*

Ah, but we’ve got an Xbox and a PS2 and a DS, plus one of those adaptors that lets you use a PS2 controller on your PC.

Running out of interesting things, but still not half bad.

Well he sent it to us so we presume he doesn’t mind. Well done!