We’ve got this thing running, which is a “wiki” you can edit with all your sightings of Sony’s AMAZING and BARE-FACED LIES about PlayStation3. Like, for example, the one from just today about it coming out in “Spring 2006” which, roughly speaking, is between four and 12 weeks away. It beggars belief, it really does, so let’s keep a record of it all for future generations.

Simply go here and add any PS3 lies you’ve spotted Sony making in public, remembering to add some sort of “source” link for future reference.

Hopefully some of you are clever developers that can fill us in on the complicated lies to do with “memory” and “processors” and things. We’ll look after the release date.

Sony's PS3 Lies Wiki. See how it's packed with swearing already

It’s a bit of a rubbish-looking page, but that’s because we don’t understand how wikis work and had to get someone else to make a free one on our behalf.


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