Well done on giving OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast 8/10, but you could’ve made a bit more effort taking the bloody screenshots.

Look at this. It’s a car, going down an empty road in a straight line. That’s the EXACT OPPOSITE of what OutRun 2006 is about. Well done! You drove five seconds down the first track! What amazing OR skills! We’d better watch out if we ever meet the GamesTM staff on Xbox Live!

OutRun gives you so much amazing detail, effects and scenery to play with, and this is the best you can do? We’re embarrassed on the team’s behalf. Looking at this dull screenshot makes us blush with shame for the entire games magazine publishing industry. We didn’t buy this issue, by the way. We found it on someone else’s desk. We have to make that EXTREMELY CLEAR.

It’s another car, going down another empty road in another straight line. You only get ONE CHANCE to take screenshots of OutRun 2006 in your WHOLE LIFE, and THIS is the best you can do? Such a waste! It’s being PRINTED IN A MAGAZINE for god’s sake. The British Library saves a copy of EVERY magazine ever printed – FOR EVER! So put some effort into it.

The GamesTM team pushing their straight-line-driving skills to the MAX once again, this time driving down the first track for 20 seconds! This is not how it should be done.

Come back tomorrow for our OutRun 2006 screenshot masterclass. You all need it, although it’s sadly too late for GamesTM to avoid making an embarrassing mess.