It’s easy, really. If you’ve got a blog or web site or magazine and are planning on taking screenshots of OutRun 2006 in the coming days or weeks, follow this handy guide to avoid embarrassing yourself by taking shit grabs of the world’s prettiest driving game.

We’ve used the PSP version here, but these rules also apply to the Xbox, PS2 and PC versions of OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast. Have fun!



1. No one likes to see cars going in straight lines down empty tracks, so make sure there are lots of other cars/lorries on the screen.

It's amazing on PSP

2. Slide a bit, so there’s smoke coming off the wheels and you can see more of the car. That’s immediately 50 percent more exciting! You slide by tapping ‘brake’ then releasing it and steering hard to one side, just in case you’ve only ever played Burnout and aren’t used to the concept of ‘steering’ to get round corners in driving games.

The best-looking PSP racer by miles

3. Get to the last section of track on the Hard route and take a screenshot of it, so people know you’ve played it enough to get really good at it. Catching it when it flashes text across the screen makes it even better, but that’s advanced stuff we’ll go into at a later date.

Incredibly, the PS2 version looks the same as the Xbox game

4. Take one of the car going up to the line. It’s always pretty, and doesn’t even require any gaming skill at all!

That wasn't a lie!

5. Get some from the in-car view. It’s hard to play like this, so you will earn the respect of your readers. And it lets geeks examine the road textures.

The only bad thing about the PS2 version is slower/lower-res reflections on the cars

6. Take one of the crazy mini games and Heart Attack stuff. More stuff happens on screen, so it looks more exciting still!

But the frame rate is solid, so it hardly matters

7. Mini games. If you’re struggling with all this, send us an email and we’ll do it for you. We’re the world’s number one authority on taking amazing screenshots of OutRun, and we’ll happily do it for you for nothing.

What else?

8. Feel free to use these ones, even if you’re a web site or magazine we usually hate, like, say, Edge. Or… no, we were thinking of Edge again. The whole community needs to pull together in times of OutRun games coming out. We even saved these ones at JPEG compression quality 6, which is higher than usual, so they’ll come out OK.

Oh yes! The PS2 sticks take a bit of getting used to, but don't ruin it at all

9. Beautiful! We might do some Xbox and PS2 screenshots soon, just for fun.

And you can adjust steering sensitivity which helps loads

10. Is this enough to get the message across?

It's just shit-hot on all three formats

11. This is the absolutely last one. Remember to take a grab of your car crashing.

We haven't seen the PC version

12. That’s definitely it now. You MUST take one of the radio music select screen. Basic stuff, admittedly, but some people need to be told this shit.

See you on Xbox Live?

13. The ‘SUBTEXT’ to all this is that the game looks really amazing on PSP. That’s the idea behind the update. It’s like a visual review.


14. Don’t make us have to tell you again.