It’s easy having a “web site” nowadays. All you do is paste in links to Google Video and YouTube that people email you. Piece of piss, this.


Someone completing Sonic 1 in 18:28

Street Fighter II Turbo promotional video (including Japanese live-action TV adverts)

Useless yanks, but they’re making an effort

Rez early development video 1

Rez early development video 1

Jet Grind Radio advert

The history of the Shenmue series

When the hell are you going to link the god-like ‘bittorrent song’?

Hi, I found this clip on Google Video today and I thought it might be weird/awesome/crap/disturbing enough to put on your site.


Japanese Dreamcast Ad. Check out the logos on the thief’s arm… very familiar…

Sega’s SegaSonic The Hedgehog arcade machine – played to completion

The classic MegaDrive ad

An Xmas Segato Sanhiro ad. Or how to mess with the kids minds… poor buggers…

Sega CD promo. Where it all went wrong. Wiggiddy-wack indeed

Segata Bomberman ad. This time he’s blowing shit up. And people

Chu Chu Rocket Japanese ad. Awesome

Sonic CD Japanese ad

The final Segata ad. Just before the launch of the Dreamcast… poor guy…

Promo Dreamcast trailer. “Get a life and get a Dreamcast”. Hell yeah! That worked out well then