This is from Vivendi’s bizarre cash-burning press trip to Malaga, where they took loads of people out for a free holiday to promote a game absolutely no one cares about at all.

It was designed to promote its “let’s-make-another-urban-gangsta-game!” game Scarface. Instead of real tigers, like in the film, they got women and made them into tigers by painting them and their tits.

Scarface tiger whore (tail relief, 50 pounds)

This isn’t what usually happens on press trips. Usually, it’s just a load of miserable men who don’t really like each other being forced to wait around for ages and make small talk until someone turns up and gives them lots of beer so they can go back to the hotel and have a decent wank.

[Photo removed to comply with French humour legislation]

See? If anyone else has any more photos from the Scarface PR event, please send them in. And any other PR event shots too, particularly of men looking miserable and any women at all.